The EETN is a project co-founded by the European Commission that brings together EdTech experts, innovators, higher-education professionals and students, in order to connect the best specialists with the most creative minds from all over the Europe and provide them with the most relevant EdTech content, to foster innovation in the field of higher education on the European market.

We would like this innovative platform to become a place where ideas, solutions, information and best practices in the field of EdTech can be exchanged between all the parties, to boost the development of the European EdTech sector.

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About EETN

Learn more about the mission and objectives of the European EdTech Network project.

Transnational collaboration between leading EdTech institutions enables us to foster EdTech development in Europe.

Self-Regulated Learning and its implications for edtech design and implementation

The purpose of this paper is to introduce constructs of self regulated learning to edtech designers, and to inspire evidence-based applications of these constructs.

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September 22 , 2020

Learning Design and Marketing Skills in Virtual Workshops During the COVID-19 – Experiences from the Made in Maaseutu project in Finland

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the life of higher education institutions students and teachers. During the past year we have had to change our usual ways of providing learning possibilities and adapt to the current restrictions. In this article we share some experiences from an R&D project in which students and SME’s have been co-creating products and services - online!

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February 04 , 2021

Food for Thought

EETN Insights | Jukka Miettunen

Technology, particularly computers, were already introduced to Finish schools in the 1990s. At first, it was challenging to adapt to the new technologies - says the Headmaster of Oulu Yli-li Comprehensive school. Today, Oulu Yli-li offers continuous training programs and professional development for teachers, to understand how to integrate technology and pedagogy in the classroom.

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January 26 , 2021

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