The EETN is a project co-founded by the European Commission that brings together EdTech experts, innovators, higher-education professionals and students, in order to connect the best specialists with the most creative minds from all over Europe and provide them with the most relevant EdTech content, to foster innovation in the field of higher education on the European market.

We would like this innovative platform to become a place where ideas, solutions, information and best practices in the field of EdTech can be exchanged between all the parties, to boost the development of the European EdTech sector.

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About EETN

Learn more about the mission and objectives of the European EdTech Network project.

Transnational collaboration between leading EdTech institutions enables us to foster EdTech development in Europe.

Evidence Summary: Artificial Intelligence in education

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere but the messages we get about it are mixed and contradictory. At once, it is dangerous yet supportive, all-consuming and yet freeing. AI feels like a moving target. If there is one definitive fact about AI, it’s that it will require us to learn throughout our lives.

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June 11 , 2019

Online learning: ugly duckling or black swan?

For the past twenty years, online education has played second fiddle to its face-to-face equivalent; often reduced to a less prestigious marketing side-show within the industry. This article looks at how that perception is changing and how through utilizing new technologies in the right way, online education is rising from the understudy to the main event.

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June 24 , 2019

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