A Solution to Latency Problems in Remote Music Collaboration

In Italy, the LoLa system has been developed for more than ten years to minimize the delay in audiovisual remote collaboration. For example, musicians located more than a thousand kilometers apart can play together in precise time with LoLa. The Oulu UAS’ School of Media and Performing Arts is actively testing the use of LoLa.

October 19 , 2021
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Experiences of the use of technology and digital pedagogy solutions in dance teacher education at Oulu University of Applied Sciences

New technology creates possibilities in learning performing arts, such as dance. In this article we will be focusing on some practical solutions on how technology has affected the training of dance teachers at Oulu University of Applied Sciences.

July 20 , 2021
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New learning opportunities, using virtual organ in music studies

Nowadays learning to play an instrument is possible in a virtual environment too. In this article we will be taking a look at what is a ‘virtual organ’ and exploring some possibilities on how it can be applied in music studies.

July 18 , 2021
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VR Learning Lab: Exploring the Possibilities of Virtual Reality for Teaching and Training

Virtual reality provides powerful new ways of learning and solving problems by means of immersive environments. In this case study, VR Learning Lab’s founder Robin De Lange explains the use of VR in education together with its advantages, challenges, promotion of VR in education and his vision on the future.

July 12 , 2021
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The EdTech sector in Flanders – report summary

Is it possible to map the EdTech sector of an entire country or region? This study delivers an attempt to map Flanders’ EdTech sector, along with the current state of EdTech in Flanders and a comparison with the rest of Europe and the world.

July 05 , 2021
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Startup Strategies in Practice: Solving the Problems and Needs of EdTech Customers

Tech entrepreneurs that do not take the time to understand their customers in detail can face issues with product adoption later down the line. This article highlights practical strategies to uncover the problems and needs of EdTech customers, improving entrepreneurs’ chances of bringing a successful product to the market.

June 21 , 2021
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User-Centered Design applied in a Learning Environment - International EdTech Startups meet German Master Students

Technology enables us to bring together people from all around the world, who would have never had an opportunity to meet and work together in any other setting. This example from Kempten University of Applied Sciences shows how both – entrepreneurs and students – can benefit form this kind of collaboration.

June 14 , 2021
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Dynamic Resilience in Action: Liquid Learning at IE University

Many students around the world have not seen their traditional university campus since March 2020. The Liquid Learning methodology and model that IE University adopted has allowed the IE student experience to continue with a high caliber, across the global IE Campus (Segovia, Madrid centro, and the 5th Tower) and an online international student body in a multitude of time zones.

May 24 , 2021
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