Startup Strategies in Practice: Solving the Problems and Needs of EdTech Customers

Tech entrepreneurs that do not take the time to understand their customers in detail can face issues with product adoption later down the line. This article highlights practical strategies to uncover the problems and needs of EdTech customers, improving entrepreneurs’ chances of bringing a successful product to the market.

June 21 , 2021
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User-Centered Design applied in a Learning Environment - International EdTech Startups meet German Master Students

Technology enables us to bring together people from all around the world, who would have never had an opportunity to meet and work together in any other setting. This example from Kempten University of Applied Sciences shows how both – entrepreneurs and students – can benefit form this kind of collaboration.

June 14 , 2021
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Dynamic Resilience in Action: Liquid Learning at IE University

Many students around the world have not seen their traditional university campus since March 2020. The Liquid Learning methodology and model that IE University adopted has allowed the IE student experience to continue with a high caliber, across the global IE Campus (Segovia, Madrid centro, and the 5th Tower) and an online international student body in a multitude of time zones.

May 24 , 2021
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Thoughts on Distance Learning in Piano Studies

Teaching performing arts has its’ specific challenges when it comes to distance learning. How are instrument studies organized remotely? In this article Jouko Tötterström, Principle Lecturer at OUAS shares his experiences and tips on how to build a home studio that can be used teaching piano lessons online!

May 05 , 2021
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Embedding academic research in EdTech designed to support second language learning

Collaborations between academia and industry bring important benefits to all parties involved. This case study highlights the need to establish collaborations between language learning researchers and EdTech companies based on the recognition of mutual benefits. It also describes how such successful collaborations can be implemented.

April 13 , 2021
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Implementing a ‘Hybrid Teaching Model’ at the OUAS School of Media and Performing Arts - Adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic in Higher Education

Experiences from Oulu University of Applied Sciences on how to implement high-quality learning experiences in a virtual learning environment, teaching dance, media and arts.

April 06 , 2021
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Systematic EdTech Research and Development in Sweden

Two examples of systematic EdTech research and development taking place in Sweden are presented: Swedish EdTest and EdTechLnu research group. Both examples contribute to better EdTech products and teachers who are going to be comfortable using educational technology, digital teaching materials, and data-driven teaching practices.

March 25 , 2021
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Audiovisual assignments in decentralized students’ groups

How can we design team activities with students who are in different geographical locations? This article explores a case of study that applies a specific methodology to develop this type of skills through audiovisual assignments.

March 17 , 2021
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