i-Learn - personalized digital learning in Flemish education

Personalized learning for every child has been regularly put forward as one of the main keystones when developing the future of education. Via EdTech, the learning path of each student can be personalized and the teacher can adapt the course content to the learning preferences and level of each student.

September 16 , 2020
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Supporting impactful EdTech SMEs within higher education institutes – the EDUCATE approach

Forging links between the EdTech industry and Higher Education Institutions can take many forms. This case study highlights the need for such collaborations to go beyond product and business incubation/acceleration and bring in the expertise of learning scientists to help ensure the educational validity of EdTech for all of its stakeholders.

September 07 , 2020
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AI at our core – a strategic and action plan for the implementation of AI at MCAST (Malta)

An exponential growth of disrupting technologies are accelerating each other. Artificial Intelligence [AI] is ultimately going to transform every business, in every industry. Like any business transformation, if you want to get the most out of AI, it all starts with strategy.

July 14 , 2020
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Bednet - Synchronous Internet Education for children with a chronic or long-term illness

Even when a child is ill for a long time, they still have the right to learn and keep up with their classmates. For the past 25 years, the right to an education has been enshrined as a fundamental right under the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

July 07 , 2020
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Videopedagogy - Mobile Video Workshops for Teachers

How to use videos to support teaching and learning? Video technics and different ways to utilize them as a narrative medium has to be studied, practiced and internalized. This case study describes the mobile video workshops for higher education teachers organized in Finland by the CREATO-project.

June 01 , 2020
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School as an innovation platform - a unique model for co-creation. The Finnish Smart Learning Environments for the Future project

Co-creation allows products and services to be refined to better respond to the needs of the user. This article describes some of the results of the Smart Learning Environments for the Future-project showcasing examples of how schools and companies have been co-creating educational products in Finland.

May 25 , 2020
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Enhancing the Learning Experience through EdTech

Using technology as a tool to enhance the learning & teaching experience, developing interactive learning materials

April 15 , 2020
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Case Study: Master’s degree in Education Entrepreneurship (MEE) at the Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Professionals are looking for study programmes that give them a deeper view of the global Edtech industry and how they can enter this field. This case study outlines a unique Master’s degree programme from Finland that is filling this gap in Europe.

March 30 , 2020
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TECOL – Technology-Enhanced Collaborative Learning

EdTech and collaborative learning are two of the most discussed topics in Higher Education. This case study presents how the partnership between academia and business can foster in-classroom collaboration with the use of technology.

March 19 , 2020
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EdTech as a facilitator for engineering across cultures and nations

The ability to live and work in a contemporary global community is an important requirement for a modern engineering professional. Along with broad engineering skills they also need to be able to communicate, collaborate and interact in an international environment. KU Leuven (BE) and Pennsylvania State University (VS) try to tackle this challenge by organizing a joint course using the opportunities created by EdTech through virtual classrooms to facilitate actual learning across cultures and nations.

March 16 , 2020
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Online learning: ugly duckling or black swan?

For the past twenty years, online education has played second fiddle to its face-to-face equivalent; often reduced to a less prestigious marketing side-show within the industry. This article looks at how that perception is changing and how through utilizing new technologies in the right way, online education is rising from the understudy to the main event.

June 24 , 2019
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