Embedding academic research in EdTech designed to support second language learning

Collaborations between academia and industry bring important benefits to all parties involved. This case study highlights the need to establish collaborations between language learning researchers and EdTech companies based on the recognition of mutual benefits. It also describes how such successful collaborations can be implemented.

April 13 , 2021
EdTech Tools Research Professional Learning & Development

Implementing a ‘Hybrid Teaching Model’ at the OUAS School of Media and Performing Arts - Adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic in Higher Education

Experiences from Oulu University of Applied Sciences on how to implement high-quality learning experiences in a virtual learning environment, teaching dance, media and arts.

April 06 , 2021
Innovation in practice Methodologies Tech & Humanity Online learning

Systematic EdTech Research and Development in Sweden

Two examples of systematic EdTech research and development taking place in Sweden are presented: Swedish EdTest and EdTechLnu research group. Both examples contribute to better EdTech products and teachers who are going to be comfortable using educational technology, digital teaching materials, and data-driven teaching practices.

March 25 , 2021
Innovation in practice Methodologies Research

Audiovisual assignments in decentralized students’ groups

How can we design team activities with students who are in different geographical locations? This article explores a case of study that applies a specific methodology to develop this type of skills through audiovisual assignments.

March 17 , 2021
Blended Learning Innovation in practice

Learning Design and Marketing Skills in Virtual Workshops During the COVID-19 – Experiences from the Made in Maaseutu project in Finland

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the life of higher education institutions students and teachers. During the past year we have had to change our usual ways of providing learning possibilities and adapt to the current restrictions. In this article we share some experiences from an R&D project in which students and SME’s have been co-creating products and services - online!

February 04 , 2021
Blended Learning Course & Learning Design Digital Platforms EdTech Tools Innovation in practice Online learning Professional Learning & Development

i-Learn - personalized digital learning in Flemish education

Personalized learning for every child has been regularly put forward as one of the main keystones when developing the future of education. Via EdTech, the learning path of each student can be personalized and the teacher can adapt the course content to the learning preferences and level of each student.

September 16 , 2020
Course & Learning Design Digital Platforms EdTech Tools Innovation in practice Online learning

Supporting impactful EdTech SMEs within higher education institutes – the EDUCATE approach

Forging links between the EdTech industry and Higher Education Institutions can take many forms. This case study highlights the need for such collaborations to go beyond product and business incubation/acceleration and bring in the expertise of learning scientists to help ensure the educational validity of EdTech for all of its stakeholders.

September 07 , 2020
EdTech Tools Innovation in practice Professional Learning & Development Research

AI at our core – a strategic and action plan for the implementation of AI at MCAST (Malta)

An exponential growth of disrupting technologies are accelerating each other. Artificial Intelligence [AI] is ultimately going to transform every business, in every industry. Like any business transformation, if you want to get the most out of AI, it all starts with strategy.

July 14 , 2020
Artificial Intelligence Innovation in practice Digital Literacy