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Jan 22, 2020

EETN Insights - Svenia Busson

How can the 28 countries of Europe navigate different education systems and showcase the “European way” to the world? In this interview, Svenia Busson, Education Explorer and Eounder of LearnSpace, talks about her experiences from EdTech Tours across the globe.

Jan 21, 2020

EETN Insights - Markus Witte

Why is the CEO of the world’s top grossing language learning app, founded in Germany, not working with European researchers? And what does the music-software industry have anything to do with it?

Dec 16, 2019

EETN Insights - Montserrat Gomendio

Head of the OECD Centre for Skills, on implementing technology in classrooms, PISA shocks and the reason behind early school leaving in Spain.

Nov 25, 2019

Intensive Study Programme in London - live it again!

So we travelled, we met, we experienced, we learnt and taught... see what happened during our first Intensive Study Programme in London.

Nov 15, 2019

EETN Insights - Carla Aerts

Carla Aerts talks about how the Tmrw Institute wants to bring together different stakeholders and be a catalyst in EdTech. What is the value of EdTech according to her?

Oct 24, 2019

EETN Insights - Avi Warshavsky

How can we find the sweet-spot of innovative solutions? Avi Warshavsky, CEO and founder of MindCET talks about the rise of China as a big EdTech player and how universities can contribute to validating European EdTech start-ups.  

Oct 16, 2019

EETN Insights - Vic Vuchic

How does European EdTech scene look like from a distance? Vic Vuchic, Chief Innovation Officer at Digital Promise Global, talks about the three areas in which he’s seeing growth in the EdTech industry: access, operational efficiency and pedagogy and learning.

Sep 23, 2019