EETN Insights - Bernhard Niesner How has Netflix and Spotify benefitted the EdTech market? Bernhard Niesner talks about starting up an EdTech company in the middle of the financial crisis and the evolution of the industry since then.
11 Feb 2020

Busuu is one of the world’s largest language learning platforms, with AI-powered courses in 12 different languages, used by over 100 million people. Bernard Niesner, CEO and Co-Founder, talks about their journey from starting up in the middle of the financial crisis, to the current situation of the EdTech market in Europe.

Thanks to companies such as Netflix and Spotify, he says, people are now more willing to pay for technological products. Nevertheless, he still sees a lot of reluctancy of educational institutions like schools and universities to use technology in the educational process, and calls on Europe to step on the gas to be able to compete internationally.

I always say that if running a start-up is not a sprint but a marathon, I'd say running an EdTech start-up is more like an ironman. Bernhard Niesner, CEO & Co-Founder of Busuu