EETN Insights - Markus Witte Why is the CEO of the world’s top grossing language learning app, founded in Germany, not working with European researchers? And what does the music-software industry have anything to do with it?
16 Dec 2019

Babbel is the app that teaches you to speak foreign languages in real life. In this interview, their co-founder and CEO Markus Witte talks about their start-up journey, and the learning process they went through, resulting in a learning mindset also internally in the company today.

Markus also points to his experience in academia, and his philosophy that that if you want to teach, you have to learn at the same time, and that it’s good to be on your toes as a teacher in order to satisfy learners’ expectations.

Through collaborations with universities, Babbel researches how people actually learn with the app. They are not satisfied, however, with the tendencies among universities in Europe of not wanting to collaborate with smaller tech companies. Markus calls for a shift in culture, more similar to the one of Boston or Silicon Valley, where founders of smaller tech companies are invited to give guest lectures and interact with the students. This is necessary, he says, in order to actually build an ecosystem in the European EdTech Sector.

If you’re not a learner, you can’t ever be a teacher. Markus Witte, CEO of Babbel