EETN Insights - Svenia Busson How can the 28 countries of Europe navigate different education systems and showcase the “European way” to the world? In this interview, Svenia Busson, Education Explorer and Eounder of LearnSpace, talks about her experiences from EdTech Tours across the globe.
21 Jan 2020

According to Svenia Busson, Education Explorer and founder of LearnSpace, an innovation hub for learning and start-up accelerator, there is not a single EdTech solution that could fit all. She spends two months every year exploring a new continent, getting familiar with different countries’ educational systems and EdTech start-up ecosystems.

When it comes to Europe, she points to a need for countries to align themselves on key aspects in order to be able to navigate the 28 different education systems across the continent. In addition to that, due to the strong presence of the states, especially in K-12 markets, she has seen a bigger difficulty for EdTech start-ups to penetrate these markets than higher education or corporate learning.

In addition to collaboration between countries, Svenia calls for a platform in which EdTech players can access research information and data, so that they can make sound, data-driven decisions and become more knowledgeable about the sector they are operating in.

Every country is different. They have different views on education and learning in general, but that’s what is fascinating about it – there’s not a one single solution that could fit the whole world! Svenia Busson, Founder of LearnSpace