EETN Insights - Avi Warshavsky

How can we find the sweet-spot of innovative solutions? Avi Warshavsky, CEO and founder of MindCET talks about the rise of China as a big EdTech player and how universities can contribute to validating European EdTech start-ups.  

At the EdTech Innovation Center MindCET, the focus is on creating solutions for the next generation. It’s run by Avi Warshavsky, who in this inverview talks about how they collaborate with independent entrepreneurs and active users, to try to find the sweet-spot of innovative solutions.

Avi also mentions the development in the EdTech industry since the beginning of MindCET – the growth of China as an important player, and exciting developments in Europe and LATAM, despite smaller investments. The way Avi sees it, universities can contribute in validating EdTech start-ups quality wise, as well as putting EdTech on the map of their already-existing entrepreneurship programs. 

When we started our first cohort, about six years ago, we had six companies with PowerPoints. Good ideas, but none of them had the product. This last cohort, we chose those six out of two-hundred Israeli companies that were out there with products. It’s a very good sign of evolution.

Avi Warshavsky