EETN Insights - Carla Aerts Carla Aerts talks about how the Tmrw Institute wants to bring together different stakeholders and be a catalyst in EdTech. What is the value of EdTech according to her?
24 Oct 2019

The Tmrw Institute is a part of the umbrella organization Tmrw Digital. They bring different stakeholders to the EdTech conversation and want to be a catalyst and unlock some of the current roadblocks for EdTech.

Carla emphasizes the importance of the discussion around the actual value and status of EdTech, which is connected to fragmentation, access and infrastructure among other things. She also takes it back to the basics, pointing to the fundamental, and to her most exciting aspect of EdTech: providing access to learning.

When it comes to the role of universities in the EdTech scene, she calls for a reinvention – a shift towards acceptance of new research models, which is necessary to be part of the 21st century world.

What I would hate to see happen is that suddenly EdTech organizations have to become deep academic research organizations, because they can’t flourish that way. What I would like to see is actually that cross-fertilization and that dialogue. Carla Aerts