EETN Insights - Danny Gauch Danny Gauch, Director-General of the Worlddidac Association, explains how a shift in the association's purpose has led to enhanced interaction by networking and bringing governments, teachers and EdTech providers together to put forward the demands of education.
04 Mar 2021

In this interview Danny Gauch, Director-General of the Worlddidac Association explains the benefits of understanding the association's potential and shifting it’s purpose from promoting EdTech solutions to collectively gathering their expertise in the industry talking to governments and bringing Edtech stakeholders together.

Although members of the Worlddidac Association have high levels of existing expertise in their field of knowledge prior to Gauch they had never collaborated or “cross-pollinated”. This is one factor that Gauch recognised and quickly wanted to improve.   

He highlights the importance of data and its relevance to education in order to understand what is being done as well as the integration of the IT fields, AR (augmented reality), and VR (virtual reality) and Worlddidac’s collaboration with start-ups.


Everything in life is about data and everything to even education, in order to be able to provide the proper information, you need data and you need to be able to structure it, but you need to do that responsibly. Danny Gauch, Director-General of the Worlddidac Association