EETN Insights - David Moshfegh

David Moshfegh, Professor of History and Humianities at IE University
Innovation in practice Tech & Humanity

Has innovation always been seen as a good thing? Where the idea of innovation as something that we celebrate really comes from? David Moshfegh, Professor at IE University, takes us on a journey to discover different views on innovation from historical perspective and how we see it now.

The world seems to be all excited about innovation, but David Moshfegh suggests that not a lot of though is put to the objectives of innovation. He questions the value of hybrid teaching and learning, asking a simple questions: “Are you actually putting your students in the same room, when you are doing it in a hybrid format? Are they all equally present?”

He also suggests that people should identify with the welfare of things that already exist rather than somehow thinking that they could junk what they don’t like and do something new, thinking about the purpose of innovation and the expected results rather than innovating just for the sake of innovation itself.

Instead of thinking: “I’m going to do the next big thing”, entrepreneurs should turn their focus much more on “how do we fix the institutions that we have in the world today?”.

David Moshfegh, professor of History and Humanities at IE University