EETN Insights - Hanna Elving

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Swedish Edtest is a national testbed for EdTech in Sweden, generating educational value for teachers and companies alike. Hanna Elving, Head Project Manager for Swedish Edtest, talks about lessons learnt and the importance of this kind of projects for the entire community.

Hanna Elving, is the Head Project Manager for Swedish Edtest - a national testbed for Edtech in the municipality of Nacka in Sweden. How the idea for Sweden’s national testbed was initiated and carried out alongside 60 other companies? 

During the interview, Hanna Elving explains how the tests benefit schools and companies to understand the needs of different learning environments and help promote interaction and improve learning. She highlights the division in Sweden between education and the EdTech sector, which limits communication about learning necessities and opportunities for stakeholders.

Sweden, as an EdTech market, is very decentralized, so it’s quite hard to enter and grow in it. The testbed is a way for companies outside Sweden to learn about the Swedish market and test its product in a Swedish school.

Hanna Elving, Head Project Manager for Swedish Edtest