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Jannie Jeppesen the CEO of the Swedish EdTech Industry explains Sweden’s current stance in terms of digitization of the education systems. She provides insights about Sweden’s National Digital Strategy that began in 2018 and highlights how the strategy has helped provide equal opportunities within the Swedish education system.

Jannie Jeppesen the CEO of the Swedish EdTech Industry discusses how educational systems in Sweden have been persistently working towards digitalisation. The launch of Sweden’s National Digital Strategy in 2018 started penetrating the use of technology and digital competences for students and teachers around the country. Jeppesen touches base on the effect that rapid digitalisation has had for teachers increasing complexity and emphasising the importance of a support system. When it comes to higher education Jeppesen explained that so far no National Digital Strategy has been implemented but the country is working towards catering the needs of life-long learners.

My recommendations to countries who haven’t digitized as much as we have is to think about the human first and then introducing technology together with the teacher, instead of introducing technology and then leaving the teachers alone, that is the worst mistake we’ve made. 

Jannie Jeppesen, CEO of Swedish EdTech Industry