EETN Insights - Joe Haslam

IE University
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Joe Haslam is a professor at the IE Business School and the Executive Director of the Owners Scaleup Program, an executive education program for owners of small businesses who are looking to quickly scale up in terms of product, operations and people skills.

In the Interview Joe explains that the Owners Scaleup Program originated due to the lack of material and courses that focus specifically on the  “scale-up” phase for small businesses. He discusses the anatomy of the course and how they have successfully transformed it into a new hybrid format with video “Pills” and face-to-face classes to accommodate students during the pandemic. He shares his insights about the future of the EdTech industry and the opportunities it offers for educational institutions to bring people together and share ideas.  

One of the things I noticed while there were lots of methodologies about how to start a company and there were lots of methodologies about how to run a company that already existed, there was very little really that looked at this scale-up phase. This fast-growing phase when you go from very little, the typical garage scenario to being a corporation in a business market.

Joe Haslam, Executive Director of the Owners Scaleup Program and Professor at IE Business School