EETN Insights - Montserrat Gomendio Head of the OECD Centre for Skills, on implementing technology in classrooms, PISA shocks and the reason behind early school leaving in Spain.
25 Nov 2019

At the OECD Center of Skills, they are trying to understand how education systems can become more responsive to changes in the labour market. Montserrat Gomendio walks us through the difficulties of improving student outcomes, pointing to the necessary balance between implementing technology and devices and providing training to properly use these technologies for teachers.

When it comes to different countries, Montserrat emphasizes the importance of their way of responding to PISA shocks – a lower performance than expected on the international comparative surveys. Considering the increased globalization and flow of talent, she says countries should equip their students to be competitive internationally.

It’s not about the digital divide, some people think that some teachers are not very familiar with the technology, that’s really not the problem, that’s not the constraint. The issue is that they learn how to use the technology to develop more individualised teaching, and to develop new teaching practises that are more innovative.” Montserrat Gomendio