EETN Insights - Nic Newman Why is the European EdTech market only receiving 1% of global funding? Nic Newman talks about how Emerge is trying to break down barriers in the education market through collaboration.
03 Feb 2020

Nic Newman is a partner at Emerge and EdSpace, a seed investment company and a co-working space. At Emerge, they measure their success by how much they can support exceptional entrepreneurs grow their impact on education. They also set up EdSpace, a co-working space located in a college in East-London.

Nic points to the fact that despite producing 25% of all EdTech companies, Europe receives only 1% of global EdTech funding. This is what Emerge and companies like it are trying to address. According to Nic, the barriers of the educational market include the political landscape, the leadership, and the fact that it is not a quick market. That is why Emerge collaborates with the market as a whole, to break down those barriers.

"Europe is a great source of European founders, it’s a great source of European EdTech, it’s a great source of companies, and it’s not being well served by capital." Nic Newman, Co-Founder & Partner at Emerge Education