EETN Insights - Oddgeir Tveiten

3rd Intensive Study Programme at Oulu University of Applied Sciences
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Nordic EdTech is one of the most advanced in Europe, but what is unique about Norwegian higher education sector in this context and what is the role of media in innovative education? Few words from a professor of Adger University about Norwegian tech strategy in higher education.

Oddgeir Tveiten is a professor of Media studies and Journalism at Adger University as well as a professor of Media Studies at the University of Bergen in Southern Norway. As a professor in higher education, Tveiten explains how teaching in itself acts as a direct link to the world of educational technologies and the use of learning management systems.

During the interview, he discusses key differences between higher education in Nordic countries, their use of Edtech, and their national strategy in comparison to other countries. He touches base on an international network called The Future Learning lab that he initiated in 2010. Today it involves six faculties with numerous members who collaborate and work on internal projects in order to develop new educational approaches and frameworks.

This is not the first media revolution we are living through, but arguably the digital transformation in higher education goes deeper than many of the media revolutions we have been witnessing for the last 50 years.

Oddgeir Tveiten, Professor of Media studies and Journalism at Adger University

Professor Tveiten gave a lecture during our 2md Intensive Study Programme in Oulu, hosted by Oulu University of Applied Sciences. You can watch the full lecture here