EETN Insights - Rose Luckin During our first Intensive Study Programme (ISP), we sat down with UCL professor Rose Luckin for a talk on the current state of European EdTech and the important role of higher education in fostering EdTech ecosystems and entrepreneurship.
12 Sep 2019

Rose Luckin is a professor at University College of London, and the director of the EDUCATE programme, a research incubator for EdTech start-ups and SME’s.

During our firts EETN Intensive Study Programme, Rose joined us at UCL Knowledge Lab in London to share some of her knowledge and passion as she told us about the hard work being put into European EdTech - despite the sector still facing structural and funding barriers.

She also touched upon the important role of higher education in the emerging EdTech sector – from using cutting-edge technology in teaching and learning to co-designing educational applications with start-ups and SME’s. We couldn’t agree more!

It’s important that our higher education sector is actively involved in working with start-ups and SMEs to help them develop more effective educational applications for these cutting-edge technologies. I see it very much as a partnership, a co-design partnership. Professor Rose Luckin, Director of the EDUCATE programme, University College London