EETN Insights - Simon Nelson

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In 2012, FutureLearn marked the UK’s official entry into the world of MOOCs, with support from the British Open University. Their aim up until today is to work with Universities and employers, to bridge gaps in the supply of- and the demand for high-quality education all over the world.

Year 2012 was coined the so called “year of the MOOC’s” - Massive Open Online Courses - marking the entrance of FutureLearn into the United Kingdom. FutureLearn is a well-known digital education platform, offering short courses and micro-credentials all the way to full online degrees. In this interview, FutureLearn’s Chief Executive, Simon Nelson, explains the importance and relevance of educational technology companies and the challenges of learning in an incrementally expanding digital era.

He also explains how FutureLearn quickly jumped onto the MOOC bandwagon, expanding alongside numerous education technology companies in the European EdTech scene. He highlights the growing demand for digital education and lifelong learning in our transforming soceity. Platforms like FutureLearn are fostering high-quality educational experiences where people can re-skill, up-skill and learn in a fun and collaborative social environment.

I think the need for digital education has never been greater, but actually is very urgent now because, the implications of not enabling people to have a place in this transforming society, to have a job, to be able to keep that job. The implications of that, are actually quite frightening.

Simon Nelson, Chief Executive of FutureLearn