EETN Insights - Vic Vuchic How does European EdTech scene look like from a distance? Vic Vuchic, Chief Innovation Officer at Digital Promise Global, talks about the three areas in which he’s seeing growth in the EdTech industry: access, operational efficiency and pedagogy and learning.
23 Sep 2019

Digital Promise Global is a US-based non-profit that works to advance learning opportunities for all, leveraging research and technology. In this interview, their Chief Innovation Officer Vic Vuchic points out three areas where advancement and growth is evident: access, operational efficiency and pedagogy and learning.

When it comes to higher education institutions, Vic underlines their crucial role in researching and understanding EdTech but warns that traditional research methods are no longer fast enough for this rapidly developing industry. At Digital Promise, they work with this by doing faster cycles that get more immediate feedback, while also understanding the different learning contexts.

With pedagogy and the way of learning, I think we’re just starting to crack the imagination of what we can really do. That’s where I’m excited for the future, to see the market in the field start innovating even on a global level. Vic Vuchic