Promoting vocabulary development with EdTech

This paper reviews key principles in second language vocabulary learning that should be used to guide the design of EdTech products that aim at developing users’ vocabulary knowledge.

April 19 , 2021
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Self-Regulated Learning and its implications for edtech design and implementation

The purpose of this paper is to introduce constructs of self regulated learning to edtech designers, and to inspire evidence-based applications of these constructs.

September 22 , 2020
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Motivation, feedback and mindsets in learning with EdTech

This review covers the constructs of motivation, feedback and mindset in education to help us understand how edtech products and services might be enhanced.

April 28 , 2020
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Evidence summary: Measuring wellbeing with educational technology. How can research on wellbeing inform better educational technology?

The purpose of this paper is to help edtech designers understand wellbeing and how to use different measurement strategies in an educational/digital technology context.

February 12 , 2020
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Evidence Summary: Artificial Intelligence in education

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere but the messages we get about it are mixed and contradictory. At once, it is dangerous yet supportive, all-consuming and yet freeing. AI feels like a moving target. If there is one definitive fact about AI, it’s that it will require us to learn throughout our lives.

June 11 , 2019
Artificial Intelligence Research Tech & Humanity

Moving Intelligence Forward with AI

AI is already having a big impact on education and many are predicting the various ways in which the robots will take over the world. Professor Rose Luckin looks at the current state of play and suggests a new model of intelligence for educators that focuses on the importance of being human.

June 06 , 2019
Artificial Intelligence Research Tech & Humanity

Lifelong Learning: A Critical Factor for Survival

Growing longevity puts us in front of a real possibility that many of us will live over 80, 90 and even 100 years. The world changes faster than ever and, in order to prosper, we have to learn how to face these changes and all the challenges and opportunities that come with it.

May 29 , 2019

The Agile Innovation of Startups

How can you find good, innovative ideas that lead to business opportunities? Three exploration frameworks—changing what doesn’t work, making things easier for customers, and making things more affordable—can reduce the risk and uncertainty associated with new projects.

May 23 , 2019
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