Strategic Partnership for Higher Education

The European EdTech Network (EETN) is a three-year project funded by the European Commission within the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership for Higher Education programme.

It is the first strategic partnership in the EU that brings together teachers, researchers, students and entrepreneurs in the field of education and digital technologies, through university-managed innovation programs, including incubators and accelerators, in order to promote digital methodologies and pedagogies that will ultimately improve higher education systems in Europe.

Four leading European universities – IE University, University College London, KU Leuven and Oulu University of Applied Sciences – decided to join their efforts, using their knowledge and broad experience in the field of EdTech, in order to create this unique, collaborative space for all the players on the European EdTech scene and beyond.

Our Objetives

Why Do We Do It?

Europe represents the second largest market for education globally. However, in order to prosper, it needs to champion the collaboration between all the stakeholders. EETN - the first European EdTech Network – enables transnational cooperation among leading European universities and innovators, supporting Higher Education development on such a scale.

Higher Education sector is developing rapidly, showing its openness to new technologies and innovative solutions, allowing wider participation, removing barriers and making learning accessible, abundant and customisable for all.

However, evidence confirms, that the implementation of technological innovations in the European universities is still in a preliminary stage, hindering their full potential. Most of the universities, embraced the use of new technologies, but in an uncomprehensive and patchy manner, depending very much on the initiative of individual faculties and staff member.

EETN is an online space for entrepreneurs, universities and institutions with a focus on educational technology to collaborate effectively, share experiences, concerns, research and best practices, in order to foster the European EdTech industry.

Advancing cultures of change and innovation, increasing cross-institutional collaboration, growing use of blended learning and redesigning learning spaces are only few of the biggest challenges for the Higher Education sector, mentioned in recent reports. The EETN is uniquely positioned to align its outcomes to address the above challenges, helping the European higher-education system to successfully integrate digital technologies, by providing cutting-edge knowledge in the field, through the EdTech Platform.

How Do We Do It?

Throughout the lifetime of the project, we are going to organise various activities that will allow us to exchange knowledge and experience between the staff and students of our partner organisations, as well as external experts, entrepreneurs and other HEIs from all over the Europe and beyond. We will have a chance to meet during our events and collaborate online, learning more about best practices and methodologies, used around the world to enhance innovative education and use of technology in higher education sector.


The intellectual output of the project will be the EdTech Platform –the first online space of its kind at EHEA level that will promote the relevant knowledge on EdTech topics, multi-stakeholder collaboration in education and technology and increase the use of quality digital products and tools in European education systems and higher-education institutions.


The biggest value of the platform, apart from its collaborative tools, allowing for effective knowledge sharing and networking between all the stakeholders on such a scale, will be the carefully chosen and curated EdTech content.

The aim of the EETN is to share expert knowledge in the sector in accessible ways to achieve greatest impact for stakeholders and the society in general.

Following the trends and the current audio-visual and digital revolution, the EETN wants to make greater use of it, as a means of publicising innovations and research, not constrained to those being carried out internally by the participating Universities, but also new concepts, products, ideas and models from entrepreneurs and start-ups.


EETN will also have an opportunity to organise four Intensive Study Programmes (ISP), one in each partner country. ISP is a short programme of study which brings together students and teaching staff from participating higher-education institutions as well as other relevant invited experts, specialists and professionals from the EdTech sector.

The unique and innovative approach of the ISPs - bringing together not only teachers and learners, but also EdTech entrepreneurs and start-ups, as well as researchers, specialists and tech experts, of high international relevance - will result in cutting-edge knowledge exchange and the creation of new significant opportunities for the participants:

To our events, we will invite carefully selected leaders from the Education and Technology sector, as they will play a key role in bringing cutting-edge knowledge to the ISP´s and our intellectual output (the EdTech platform). These meetings will allow the participants (teachers, innovators, entrepreneurs) to further develop their tools and/or make their content more up-to-date, relevant and concrete.

The ISPs aim to bring unrivalled agenda content and act as catalyst for elevating dialogue and cooperation among Universities and entrepreneurs, exchange knowledge and drive action in order to improve the educational systems in the partnering countries and beyond.

Finally, the events will also affect other, indirect beneficiaries, eager to improve education through technology, who will also be able to find out more about the latest EdTech solutions, while connecting with like‑minded peers.


As the final activity, allowing us to share the intellectual output of the project with a wider audience, EETN will organise a Multiplier Event in Spain. We plan to organise a world-class conference, during which we will present the EdTech platform to all the stakeholders, network members and beyond.

During this event, we will also be able to present the current situation and prognosis in the field of EdTech and encourage further discussion about the technological development in education.

Join Us!

We are rapidly expanding our network, having on board preeminent partners, presenting their innovative methodologies, applied in various European universities, as well as excellent entrepreneurs, creating and developing their outstanding EdTech solutions and world-class researchers, continuously monitoring new trends in the field of EdTech and providing us with relevant facts and data about the sector. We are constantly looking for more, to enable effective collaboration between all the European stakeholders in the field of educational technology. Inspire and be inspired to foster EdTech in Europe.

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